Communication for development

Communication is an exchange leading to new ideas. Development is transformation and a creative process.

Added value – every project has the potential to achieve more than was originally planned. I provide services that extend far beyond the scope of project management. I view your individual project as a unified whole. Looking at it from this perspective often opens up fresh, unexpected opportunities to increase the impact of your strategy.

Development – evolving ideas and defining goals. Your goal becomes my goal. Concepts and vision become reality. Planning and ideas progress to concrete steps to reach your goals.

Communication consultation – from concept to realization. I develop communications strategies and concepts for and with you. I work with a network of graphic artists, programmers, photographers and other specialists to meet all your needs and desires.

Specifically – I provide: communications concepts, marketing strategies, public relations, project development, conference management, websites, publications, evaluations, exhibitions, campaigns, workshops …

…and then some – as a business school graduate, I can also oversee and coordinate the work of other service providers and manage your budget – comprehensibly and transparently.